How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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Authenticity in Medical Technology
Stepping in to the 21st century, technology is said to have taken over many of our lives. Technology is now part of our daily routine and without it, our lives won’t be as convenient and easy as it is. In this story Alone Together by Sherry Turkle, technology is seen to have built a relationship between humans and robots. Turkle goes on explaining how dependent humans are towards technology. Turkle questions the substitution of technology towards humans and how this substitution possesses the qualities of a real being. In this story, Turkle even showed how humans are more dependent towards technology, in this case, robots to help solve human problems such love, friendship and loneliness. The robots in
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There were various scientists figuring out different procedures and methods to help cure this illness. Technology has an overall impact on society, therefore one should discard concerns about authenticity because the ends by which something has been achieved justify the means.
Medical technology helps to treat ones psychological state. In the story Alone Together, Turkle presented a term called anthropomorphism which explained how robots are seen to be as close as humans. This robot does things like making eye contact, tracking one’s motion and also gesturing in show of friendship. Turkle also quotes “Darwinian buttons” principle that “caused people to imagine that the robot is an ‘other’, that there is, colloquially speaking, somebody’s home” (269). This principle affects one’s mind as psychologically speaking; the person feels that there is someone together with them when it’s just a robot. The robot feels in the empty space that humans feel when they are alone and the presence of the robot makes one feel as if there is someone there together with them. Turkle had met a graduate student named Anne during a session break when she confidently said that she would like to trade in her boyfriend for a sophisticated Japanese robot as it would produce a caring behaviour. Turkle quoted Anne that said “she relied on a feeling of civility in the house and she did not
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