How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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When we use the computer we don’t typically think about how it has evolved into what we have today. The computer has come a long way and it is hard to think about how life existed before computers. Before computers, humans had to do many things by themselves. Many complicated and advanced mathematical calculations were done by hand and took months if not years. Technology has luckily advanced which has given way for humans to be used in more productive ways and in ways that have made our society better. With this research paper I hope the reader will better understand the history of the computer and have a greater appreciation for humanity’s evolvement with the computer and how much of a blessing the current computer is to our daily lives. When tedious calculations done by people working for the government became too difficult, there was a need for a solution to the problem. The government with their upcoming census was in need of a solution and luckily the key to the answer came. The vacuum tube invention pioneered computing. With vacuum tubes, the first computer was introduced in 1942. The first generation of computers entered into 1955. The first computer was known as the UNIVAC or the Universal Automatic Computer. This machine was used to compute mathematical equations needed for various amounts of problems and was developed by two scientists, Mauchly and Echert for the Census Department of the United States. It was funded by the government with hopes of

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