How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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The IT (Information Technology) rules the current generation that we are living in. The IT has brought drastic change in every single persons life and also to their way of living. It has brought changes in people way of working. Almost everything has been computerized in the world from small basic things to larger tasks everything has been ruled by the IT. From cooking to building large buildings everything can be done by a single computer with a very less human effort. IT has ruled the world. The technologies that are coming out in the market every single day has made our life easier and less complicated. But its not that coming into a IT business or building a software or a technology will have an automatic impact in the market as there is a lot of competition between IT companies trying to invent the best technology which will have the most impact on people lives. From small off license stores to big 5 stars hotels IT has had the biggest impact as it is fast, reliable and consumes less time. In this following report the impact of IT has been discussed in case of Burger King a famous fast food restaurant that is located in all over the UK.

The following report is done for the Burger King restaurants founded in 1954, which is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. James McLamore and David Edgerton in Miami, Florida first opened it. Burger King opened its 1st international restaurant in Puerto Rico in 1963 and from that year burger…
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