How Technology Has Changed Our Society

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When we look at our history, power has always been determined by those who are able to take it through physical strength. However, technology has changed that idea. It is those that have knowledge of technology that are now able to gain power. There has been a lot of debate about what technology is really doing to our society, but with power there is always responsibility. Technology is not to blame, but the ethics of those with power.

Power and Control

History and the evolution of human beings will tell us that we as a species have always determined power and control based on physical attributes. Charles Darwin demonstrated a theory of our evolution called “The Survival of the Fittest”, also called “The Natural Selection”, in which an animal that was equipped with the best physical attribute for that particular environment would be able to survive the conditions and pass on that physical advantage onto their off spring (O’Neil 1998). Evolution was based on this theory that our human physical condition allowed us to thrive and become superior to whose that were not as physically capable.

Beyond our evolution, civilisations continued to base physical strength as a basis for power and dominance. In Greek history, even as an infant, physical strength was praised in the Spartan culture while physical weakness was condemned. Wars and battles were won by those that were stronger. The strongest of warriors were promoted to higher commands and only a strong,
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