How Technology Has Changed Our Society

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Imagine living inside an invisible bubble, secluded from the outside world. You can see the surrounding environment, but there is a clear barrier that obstructs you from your family, your friends; the world even. As you would assume, communicating could get a little hard in this bubble. Although that analogy may seem a bit dramatic, there’s no denying that over the course of time, technology has made its mark on society in many different aspects of life, communication being one of them. So when asked to spend twenty-four hours without social media, you can imagine how frustrating it was as a creature of habit being unable to utilize the websites and apps that I would normally use on a daily basis. In turn, I was very inattentive throughout the day, as I couldn’t listen to study music or keep myself entertained, I was unable to communicate with my family, and I wasn’t very productive. Although some may disagree, to me, routine is one of the many calming facets of life. Structure and organization in every part of my day makes me feel like I’m doing something meaningful. So after doing everything that needs to be done I take a deep breath, look around, and realize that it’s a relaxing, beautiful day. The sky is a beautiful baby blue and there isn’t a cloud in sight. The sun and its warm rays are shining brilliantly and I feel like I can finally unwind. Then it occurs to me: this would be the perfect time to play my favorite song! I turn to my phone to open up Spotify then,
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