How Technology Has Changed Our Society

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Digital media, smart phones, computers and technology is the fastest growing concepts in our World today. They have changed the way our society does everything. Technology has made a considerable transformation in how we communicate, pay bills, check the weather and much more. Technology has made such an impact on our society today that most people won 't leave home without their cell phone. The Apple iPhone has become a great smartphone vendor by numbers and revenue. The iPhone, PureWrist payment device, and Google glass are the evidence of the direction technology is taking to bring simplicity to our everyday life. It would be very inconvenient and impossible to carry a calculator, alarm clock, flash light, TV, calendar, and a computer in the palm of your hands everywhere you go. Thanks to the revolution of the Smartphones, it has been made possible. The iPhone in a way is like a laptop and much more, you have many options to use in one device. The Apple iPhone has an application for almost everything you need in our daily life. It has made it possible to have an alarm clock, calculator, flash light, TV and much, much more fit in our back pocket. The Apple iPhone has revolutionized the cell phone industry to become a potential best designed and most admired phone of the century. With this technology, it kept on developing every day and made our life so much easier. The first iPhone, released in 2007 was an explosion all over the world with that new device. This highly
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