How Technology Has Changed Our Student 's Education

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Could you imagine trying to complete a group assignment without GoogleDcos or studying for an exam without Quizlet in today’s educational environment? Throughout the past few years, technology has created a known presence in America’s school systems. Whether it be used for home, testing, or as supplemental material for a lesson plan, technology has made itself to be detrimental to our student’s education and learning. Students who it tends to impact the most though are those in special education classrooms. Where a mainstream student may be utilizing his or her iPad for fun or educational games, special education students are using them to help learn easier. There are many great arguments against iPad use in the classroom such as the fact that students may not have internet or iPad access outside of the classroom, may not be able to handle an iPad appropriately, or distinguish academic time from free time. However, by viewing the situation of students with a disability from an ecological perspective, we are forced to take note of how these students interact with their surrounding environments and how those environments can be adapted to fit the needs of those students. This means providing aid and support to those students. According to various research, students in special education settings will be able to maximize their learning potential by utilizing iPads in their classrooms. Quick (n.d.) helps state iPad use in special education classrooms improves participation
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