How Technology Has Changed Since The 19th Century

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Since the nineteenth century, technology has blossomed and it continues to evolves as each passing day comes to pass. In this modern society, people are surrounded by technology everywhere you look. It has influenced society in many good ways that it has made individuals’ lives much less complicated than it originally was. But is this new technology really such a good thing? Thanks to this “new era of technology”, the speed of communication and the access of new information can be done in a blink of an eye. In results of these new technological advances, “we no longer lose social ties over our lives” (Social Media as Community). Also due to these new technical advances, like the fax, cellphones, and the electronic mail, it has made life much easier and less time consuming, however it has decreased earlier and traditional forms of communication. Technology has brought people closer to people away from them, it also has token the people away from the people who are in front of them.…show more content…
Now a day, due to the improvement to technology, “those we depend on are more accessible today than at any point” (Social Media as Community) than ever before in history. Since technology is much more easily accessible, it has help people gain useful knowledge. But now, consequently, people have now become hopelessly distracted by them, helplessly devoted to them. People have become so helplessly devoted to technology that they spend countless hours texting, sharing, playing games, and watching YouTube that it has caused them to have “fractured thinking and lack of focus persist” (Attached to Technology). For example, “the Net bombards us with and other bits of data, and everyone of those interruptions breaks our train of thoughts” (Is Google Making Us Stupid?), which can cause people to understand, learn and remember less than they potentially
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