How Technology Has Changed The Health Care Industry

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Technology has been advancing with the years, and it has changed how people live, communicate, travel, and learn. In particular, healthcare has changed due to the continuous technological advancements. Robotic advancements specifically have been transforming the health care industry. It is becoming noticeable that robotics are now being used for a variety of purposes in healthcare including drug making, moving supplies, administering drugs to patients, and monitoring patient vitals. A progressing form of robotics in healthcare is robotic surgery. One of the top functioning robotic surgery devices is the da Vinci Surgical System. Since 2000, surgical device has completed over 20,000 surgeries, which has set up the movement of using robotics in healthcare (Qureshi & Syed 2014). To perform a robotic surgery, the surgeon will sit at the surgical system several feet away from the patient, and with a TV-like 3-D screen and joystick controllers, the arms of the robot will maneuver instruments through small incisions. The goals are for there to be less scarring, pain and blood loss. There is such precision with robotic surgery that the performance may be better than surgeries that are done by human hands (Becker, 2012). In turn many questions arise about this form of surgery, such as do the benefits outweigh the risks, is there proper training for each healthcare professional involved, and is this just a way for people to be drawn in to being a part of new technology. Therefore,…
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