How Technology Has Changed The Way Of Living Across The World

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Corporate Policy and Security
Technology has changed the way of living across the world. Mostly, last 20 years period is a golden era for technology. People have accomplished several outstanding innovations in the field of technology. Modern technology is becoming very accessible not only for richest and developed city like New York but also for poor people and least-developed countries across the globe. It is a tremendous achievement in the field of modern technology. Today, people are no longer have to be on long queue or do long driving to get services from government agencies to the private big enterprises through small coffee shops. Technology has contributed to make our life easy and fast. However, it has created some major
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To protect web and data, companies must have a security policy. One of the best policies to protect the company from various vulnerabilities is password policy. Passwords are the must important element of the computer security. Week password may cause serious damage to the company. It is a just a similar as given the main door key to the house where the diamond and millions of cash are. So, the main purpose of choosing password policy is to set-up a standard for everybody to give a strong password. It will set-up the standard protocol to setup and handle the passwords of every individual that are related to the company including all users including contractors.
These are the password policy steps must follow by everyone.
➢ All system-level passwords must be changed on at least a quarterly basis
➢ All production system-level passwords must be part of the global password management database.
➢ All users-level passwords must be changed at least every six months.
➢ Users accounts that have system-level privileges granted through group memberships must have unique password than the users have.
➢ There must be guidelines to create a standard password such as: -
-Special characters, lower case, uppercase, punctuation, and number.
-Limitation of characters.
- Language of password
- Choose special word or characters to remember easily for users but make it difficult to the outsiders (hackers).
➢ One-time
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