How Technology Has Changed The Way People Interact And Work Together

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It is no secret that Information Technology(IT) has changed the way people interact and work together. From the introduction of the Internet and electronic mail, operating businesses have been driven by how well companies utilize IT. Over the last decades, healthcare is one of the industries that have been shaped by IT. This essay attempts to reflect on how IT has evolved in as far as healthcare is concerned as well as the implications of the interaction of IT and healthcare industry. To begin with, IT has helped healthcare equipment to be modernized, which in turn allows making things easier for healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses. For example, prior to the introduction of IT-enabled devices and applications, doctors and nurses had to document medical information of patients using so much paperwork. This process may have worked decades ago, but it was an inefficient way of documentation since it is more complex to retrieve information given the voluminous amount of patient records. As a result, a paperwork driven documentation makes it more challenging for doctors to make diagnosis and for nurses to do their rounds in an informed manner, especially since there are more hospital patients today.
Thanks to IT, doctors and nurses can look into their tablets or search on their computers when they are trying to find patient information. Retrieval of information would take seconds and thus would save a lot of time from the standpoint of doctors and nurses. In
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