How Technology Has Changed The World

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The World Keeps Changing. I watched my dad, as he fixed the television. He removed the back of the TV, and pulled out a tray of glass tubes. I took a few steps back; and, peeked from around a corner. “Can you take out the scary movies?” I asked. My dad laughed; and tried to explain how the TV worked. I was five years old, three and a half feet tall, with two long ponytails, and big teeth: a curious child. I asked questions all the time. When my family tired of my questions, they sent me to play with the other children. Back then, my options for information were, the incomplete set of encyclopedia, that my parents had or a trip to the library. Today I can “google” any subject and have an answer in two minutes. Technology has changed the world. Change did not stop with information. Imagine cooking dinner in the 1950 's and 60 's. Everything was homemade, from scratch. Jiffy Mix cornbread, TV dinners, canned biscuits, and Shake 'n Bake, were the only convenience foods found in most kitchens. Only the modern, young people, used those conveniences. Industrial food processing and the microwave changed the way we prepare our meals. Before, the phone company, introduced call waiting, a busy signal notified you that the person you were calling was on the phone. If the call was important enough, a person could dial the operator and make an emergency call. The operator would interrupt the conversation between, Jenny and Jackie and say in a nasal operator voice.
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