How Technology Has Changed Today

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Technology has changed drastically from the 1970s to now. We have exceeded what most people back then could ever imagine. The technology used in schools, homes, and in public places has evolved into technology that makes the “cutting edge” technology of the 70s look very simple. Things such as the personal computer, the cell phone, electronic games, TVs, and even watches have changed completely. The ways that they have exceeded expectations is truly unbelievable. Home technology has taken a gigantic step since the 1970s as not only has the performance improved, but more families have begun to feel a necessity to have these appliances. In 1977 the Apple 2 Computer was released to the public. What was then considered an “ordinary computer for ordinary people” is now seen only in museums and dumps. The personal computer was one of the first personal computer with no additional parts required to buy, such as cases for the computer or a way to supply it power. The Apple 2 was also had great graphics for its time and was very easy to use for normal people. We now have computers in our phones, but in the 1970s the Apple 2 was one of the only computer that you could effectively use at work, school, or at home ( However, all of that is nothing compared to the computers we currently use. Now most families have a laptop computer that is portable and has a long battery life without having to remain plugged into a power outlet. The computers have gotten
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