How Technology Has Changed Today 's Generation

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Technology has developed rapidly in today’s generation. Physical engagement lessens as technology progresses. The internet has become one powerful resource in today’s generation. Although, the internet is a helpful resource we must also take into consideration that not everything that is posted on the internet is true. Many websites may post, and may state some important information that may be intriguing which can be mistaken to be reliable. However, we must acknowledge if the website is a reliable source by viewing its content. Recently in a community college in Oregon a shooting took into place, and this is not the first time a mass shooting that has occurred. After the mass shooting the President instantly responds to come out to speak to the American people. As I further wanted to investigate on Obamas gun control speech I research the topic, and approach a site “The ONION America’s Finest News Source” they give a recap on Obamas speech, and they had no cites to their sources, no author is given, they have no proof of evidence. I immediately evaluated this site to be unreliable. When researching on the internet ask yourself if the website is stating true facts if so do they cite their sources. Secondly, does the website introduce who they are? Do they have the credibility to write about the certain topic? Lastly, take into consideration if they post logical evidence. The internet is a world outside of reality, and many websites may persuade you to believe their
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