How Technology Has Changed Today 's Society

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Technology and interconnectivity has become a crucial part of modern society, being predicted by 2020 that 90% of the entire world will have a cellphone (Woods, 2014). With how fast-paced today 's society is becoming it is no surprise that dating online is becoming the most popular way to meet people. People just don’t have time to keep trying (and failing) at the ‘bar scene’, they want to make the most of their time and find someone compatible for their needs at that moment. The following report is a summary of the findings of our research that was ran over a 15 day period (September 28th, 2016 to October 12th, 2016).

OkCupid ranked as #8 best online dating website with over 7 million users. It became a big deal in the online dating scene from almost the moment it was launched back in 2004. It was originally most popular with the 18-to-35 age group, but has since expanded its user pool beyond millennials and yuppies. Unlike some other sites, you may still message users with whom you haven’t been paired as a match. Communication is mainly through private and instant messaging.
OkCupid was purchased by a giant in 2011, after the purchase company don’t guarantee that your information is private. OkCupid doesn’t support https, which means that anyone on your wireless network can potentially read any OkCupid email, page view, chat message, search entry, profile info, clicked link, and even answers to your hidden questions. A data breach could be disastrous,
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