How Technology Has Developed And Integrated Systems Of People, Money, Knowledge, And Energy

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I have always been fascinated by the magnificent way humans have developed and integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, information and energy. Growing up, I was incredibly curious to unravel how devices function, and this curiosity developed into a burning desire to learn how processes, systems, and organizations operate and run our world.
From an early age I used to read science books, journals, magazines and watch engineering documentaries driven by my eagerness to gain a better understanding of the mechanism by which our world system is working.
I completed my Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering, the program was a blend of mathematics, operation management, lean manufacturing, quality control and engineering economics applications. All through my Bachelor program, I was attracted to the idea of developing a more effective technique to generate power of the solar system using smart technology.
Driven by a desire to tackle the global warming phenomenon, I decided to carry out my final year project work on a solar power generation device, where I came up with an innovative method and designed a dual axis model which used the solar power to operate and produce renewable energy with improved efficiency. Whilst pursuing my Bachelor degree I worked for Rimth Company LTD, a contracting and trading private company, for three years.
While working as a Project Manager Assistant, I provided advice which contributed to shaping multiple projects’ objectives, and my
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