How Technology Has Developed The Business Strategy And Production Level

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Introduction Based on the level of technology and the age of technology in the world now, it is unimaginable to how technology has developed the business strategy and production level. Most especially, corporate organizations are benefiting immensely on the cyber security platforms. Corporate entities relying on cybersecurity are not limited to, website security, organization 's computer network security, organization 's hand held devices security and communication security. But, extends to the information security on the transactions between organizations and their clients. Including government agencies and private organizations as well as education sectors have activated cyber security features in their information sharing procedures…show more content…
Since inception of the internet, the level of increment of disseminations of information through the web has covered more ground than expected. Also, this has called for more computer technicians in corporate and non-corporate organizations. Over the past quarter century, the increased desire to disseminate information, proprietary and non-proprietary alike, over a broader audience has been able to thoroughly develop through the usage of computer & internet networks and drivers (Ryan, 2011). Social media interaction and communication through the internet and handheld devices and also organizations network structures incorporation into corporate systems has set off another influx of innovation and access. Need for cyber security also Implies by which business and data are transact have now changed to an internet setting with another point of reference for easy to understand accommodation. This is one of the most common fields which requesting for cyber security to be very effective for solid protections on the web. The following activities have evolved well with the help of network technology in the last two decades. TV network and home theater, Home temperature settings and security, climate control, and online transaction have all been changed over to electronics systems and availability and are case of how our general public has now ended up organized. For instance, to exchange cash starting with one financial balance,

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