How Technology Has Hindered Our Workforce

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Today’s workforce is filled with a plethora of new technology that was not exposed to the world before. A lot of these technological devices were seen with hopes to possibly make life easier for both personal and work life, which sounds great for employers (Palmiere). With so much technology around and with a generation of tech savvy people he question arises of whether or not people have become less productive in the workforce. With people checking their phone very often, and with so many social media mediums to check people are beginning to believe that our dependence on our devices is hurting companies due to our attention being on our devices. There is no longer a line drawn between work and home when most employees have brought their tech savvy phones into work and are consistently on them. So the question is asked whether or not the use of technology has hindered our workforce by cause a dependence on them by employees or whether it has helped the workforce by giving the company means to communicate without necessarily being in the same room. Many people are questioning whether or not these gadgets are, in fact, reducing employee productivity and actually keeping companies away from maximizing their profits. The debate of whether or not managers should see the rise of technology as a positive influence in their workplace and encourage the use of it within the company or whether or not they should see it as a negative aspect in the workplace that decreases employee…
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