How Technology Has Impacted Our Lives

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I think that new technology needs to be prevalent in our daily lives. Modern medicine has made so many advancements because of new technology. I do think in our daily, personal lives, that we are way too dependent, but with new technology, it can help save lives or make better structures, we need to be dependent on advancements. People have become addicted to the phones or tablets. They cannot socialize without constantly looking down at their phone. Some even use their cell phones in inappropriate places or times. Everything around a cell phone user, seems to be invisible to them. They do not seem to have time for others. I absolutely believe new technology has hurt our social interaction, but it has also helped it. Calling or texting from another room in the same house, or doing the same to a neighbor, instead of running next door like we did when I was a child. New technology has helped out of the area family and friends stay personally connected by video chats. Instead of just hearing someone’s voice or reading their words written down, they get to see their friend or family and interact with them in a way you just cannot do over the phone. The best contact is in-person contact, but that is not always possible, due to travel restrictions, finances, lack of passport, or whatever the reason may be (Student Admin, 2012). You miss the little things the person’s face reveals while they are talking. You can see if they are excited about something, or angry over something that
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