How Technology Has Impacted Our Lives

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How Far is too Far? Technology has had a major impact on our lives, especially in the last few years. Being able to adapt to new things has definitely been a main part of these few years. There has been new technology coming into the classrooms to help teach the students. We are now beginning to rely on the advancements in technology in order to help teach our students. Smart boards are being used in teaching; ipads are another major technology being used in classrooms to teach students. We are always developing new and improved technology in order to thrive in our environment. Even our smartphones are always being improved to help better our lives, but the question is, how far should we go? Technology in the classroom is beneficial because of it’s educational purposes, but outside of the classroom can be addictive and unhealthy to people’s everyday lives. With every year, we seem to become more and more advanced in technology, always finding new ways to make our lives less stressful. The first high definition television was broadcasted in 1996. Google was created in 1998 (“Technology Timeline”). The use of Google has now become so popular in America; even young children are aware of how to use it properly. With this new technology, we are able to search anything we need to know at almost any given point in time. WI-FI was developed in 1999, just shortly after Google made its way into our lives. In 2007, social network programming became mainstream (“Rainie, Lee, Zickuhr”).

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