How Technology Has Impacted Student Learning Essay

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My Technology PGE has significantly impacted student learning. It has expanded students’ knowledge base across subject areas. Students and former students are creating Quizlet study sets for other high school and post-secondary courses. Students are using PaperRater to proofread writing, to avoid these errors in the future, and improving their written vocabulary. Students continue to utilize this website to check and to improve their papers throughout high school and college. Because of the Remind messaging, my students complete homework more consistently and spend more time studying for tests. My students are more comfortable working in an online environment. By the time they take their state test online, most express more confidence in their ability to perform well. Using the online features of the High School Financial Planning Program, my students are thinking earlier about life after high school and how financial decisions affect their post-graduation plans. They are learning to plan for financial emergencies and to avoid traps like credit card debt and payday loans. My enhanced use of the SMART Board keeps my students more engaged visually and kinesthetically, and they retain the information longer. When parents have online access to student information including grades, attendance, and discipline, they form a support system with the school that enhances student learning. One challenge related to technology is the lack of equal access to computers. To address this, I
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