How Technology Has Impacted The Political System

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The acronym PERSIA denotes the categories Political, Economic, Religion, Social, Intellectual and Aesthetic into an easy way of remembering one of many systematic models. These six categories are used to organize and explain technology’s effect and changes over a long period of time. By categorizing a specific topic or idea, one may easily be able to understand the importance that topic, idea and technology has impacted a person, culture, country, and even history. Thus, providing a new outlook and perspective on history and the factors that contributed to the change in history. Firstly, the PERSIA model breaks into the category, political. Political describes how technology has impacted the political system. Throughout history, technology has caused government, whether it be state and or federal government, to update its laws to accommodate and regulate the use of said technology. Many technological advancements and inventions need to be regulated or added to the law because it causes chaos and interruption and many of the times it causes danger to society. The next category, economic, defines how technology influences the financial market in society and not so much on individuals within society. Rather, it looks at the economics of the society as a whole. By looking at how technology has impacted the economy at a macro level, it is clearer to see how large corporations and big business are affected than the individual consumer. Continuing on, technology effects
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