How Technology Has Influenced Society

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When was the last time someone actually picked up a dictionary and by hand looked for the definition of a word? Everything is done online now of days. Technology has made information accessible whenever and wherever we want it. As much as the Internet has influenced society in a positive way in terms of communication, it has also stripped it from basic language skills. Now of days, number of teens have expressed that they now enjoy writing for their own personal pleasure (Arefah, Lenhart, Smith, 2008; Kemp, 2010). Teens and adolescences write their feelings publicly on blogs, chartrooms and social media such as instragram, facebook and text messaging (Arefah, Lenhart, Smith, 2008; Kemp, 2010). Although, as it may seem that this certain enthusiasm for writing is a progressive way for teens to practice their writing skills, it is actually the opposite. Unfortunately, it has been noticed that through text messaging and use of the Internet, the use of particular language skills has caused bad habits, which is changing the form of our language in its everyday use. “Practice makes perfect” is what most of us can remember when growing up. But as generations pass, technology increases. Now everything is done on the computer. You don’t hand write out assignments anymore, so there is no need to perfect your penmanship. Also, people do not need to worry about the correct way of spelling word, seeing as your phone or computer will automatically fix the spelling and grammatical
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