How Technology Has Influenced The Music Industry

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“We shape our tools thereafter our tools shape us”

Technology has had a profound effect on our civilisation and culture, and this has been reflected in the changing state of the music industry. This includes the development of virtual instruments, the accessibility to digital audio workstation technology, file sharing, online music streaming, the growth and development of social media platforms, and digital instruments. We live in an age where it is becoming increasingly easier to produce, obtain, share and discover music. This paper will explore some of the ways in which technology has influenced the music industry, with a focus on the diminishing need for musical talent.

MIDI was originally invented in order to allow electronic musical devices to communicate with one another. This development opened up an entirely new era of musical processing. In an interview with Tom Bateman of BBC radio, creator of MIDI Dave Smith explains

"The computers were fast enough to be able to sequence notes, control the number of keyboards and drum machines at the same time…it kind of opened up a whole new industry."1

Not only did MIDI open up a new industry for musical processing, but the technology was later integrated into computer software as a VST plugin in a vitalised form, allowing for the creation of virtual instruments. The aim of virtual instrument software exists to manufacture the sounds of physical instruments through recording, in order to produce the same instrument sound…
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