How Technology Has Made A Great Impact On The World Of Sports Essay

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To start off this discussion I think it is important to clearly define the main points of this topic, in order to give the piece, and the readers, some context. Personally, I define sports as any physical activity, which involves some level of competition. For this discussion, I will be talking about how a materials improvement has made a great impact in the world of sports, specifically within the past century; therefore, the next important point to clarify is my definition of “impact”. When an object has an impact on another object, the initial object obviously has some sort of effect on that receiving object. More specific to sports though, I define “impact” as improved performance by athletes that progresses the sport to the next level of ability. Year after year, new world records are established in the world of athletics, and this progress would not have occurred if it weren’t for the technology that exists, which helps improve athletes performance. One of the first places an athlete’s performance can see improvement is through their equipment. Carbon fiber composites have changed the world of sporting equipment forever, and therefore the world of sports as well. This material improvement allows for advanced and favorable strength and stiffness, in addition to being lightweight and durable—all components of an excellent piece of sporting equipment. While other materials, such as graphite, titanium, and plastics, are common and well liked among sports equipment
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