How Technology Has Made It Easier For Students?

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Education in a Technological World
Technology is evolving and is becoming a central need in everyone’s life. It is even being integrated into the education system, changing the way one learns and teaches. An increased reliance on technology as a means to enhance knowledge has decreased the ability to acquire thorough knowledge and develop the power to reason or judge. This is evident in the way technology has made it easier for students to cheat, in how the internet provides wrong learning opportunities and in the way students respond to learning while being engaged with technology.
Consider the idea that technology has made it easier for students to cheat due to technological advancements. In Rachel Ellaway’s article "eMedical Teacher", enumeration is used to list the effects of digital cheating. For instance, “three aspects of digital media use that challenge absolutist models of moral rectitude; creative learners, cyborg learners and collaborating learners” (Ellaway 1). Her three arguments are based on three negative types of learners that were born after digital technology became involved in education, which has directly affected a student’s ability to judge ethical consequences of plagiarism. For example, in her first paragraph, she describes creative learners as people that cheat by plagiarizing. Hence, the effect of enumerating gives a logical outlining of arguments that support the main idea. In addition, Ellaway uses appeal to authority to show that the increase in…
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