How Technology Has Made Modern World More Complex And Easy At The Same Time

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Improvement in technology has made the modern world more complex and easy at the same time. Anyone in the twenty first century with no knowledge of use of a computer is regarded as illiterate. The reason behind the analogy is that almost every gadget of this time runs on some sort of software. The improvement has created an environment in which the human race gets to learn something new almost every day. The mobile phone industry makes the longest strides in technology improvement. There are many applications developed each day to run on mobile phone software platforms. The developers are always keen to develop something that would in one way or another, improve the living conditions of the users (Swatman, n.d). Little do these developers know that some of their users end up misusing some of these developments and, therefore, their efforts are not efficiently put into practice. As the case would be with any technology developer, they can never predict the use to which an individual would put a certain technology development. The only control possessed by the developer over the technology involved would be through enhancing the program’s features to suit the expected security controls. Users, however, always find a way to get around the security procedures and bend the rules set by the developers. As such, the responsibility on appropriate use of technology largely depends on the user. If the user is knowledgeable enough, there exists various software, which he or she could
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