How Technology Has Made On Students

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In recent years, federal and local governments have been pouring overwhelming amounts of taxpayer money into buying computers and other digital tools for K-12 education. The rationale is computers are more important than ever, and they are gaining in popularity daily, so it is necessary to prepare our students to use them in their daily lives. But the tools that are being invested in are not being used effectively, and they are showing very minor benefits relative to the massive economical investment that the public has placed in it. The developments and integration of computer science curriculum in K-12 education is better understood by observing the current impact that technology has made on students, and exploring the perspectives of teachers and administrators on technology integration and the expansion of computer curriculum. It is also important to understand what taxpayers and the public expect out of public schools, and how curriculum writers and educational agencies are working to better equip schools with resources with respect to computer education and computer science. In the following paragraphs I will explore various articles from established individuals in both the educational and computer science industries, and I will apply their opinions and research to the stakeholders above. To better understand some of the articles I have selected for this paper, it is important to understand some special terminology used to describe some aspects of the role computer
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