How Technology Has Profoundly Affected The Way Humans Live, Work, And Play

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Certain Innovative Breakthroughs May Lead to Disadvantages
The rapid advancements in innovative technology have profoundly affected the way humans live, work, and play. Numerous technological breakthroughs gave way to the Internet, mobile devices, and androids in order to create a significant impact on countless individuals in the 21st century. These innovations have enabled various alterations in human interactions, particularly for society’s education system. The outcomes of innovative technology in the classrooms have triggered many individuals to share their perspective on this subject. Cathy Davidson’s “Project Classroom Makeover” explores the essentials of incorporating technological innovation in the classrooms. Davidson’s work utilizes how the practice of innovative technology in schools will reform the education system in society. The utilization of innovation in the classroom allows for the usage of more interactive educational tools, which creates a stimulating learning experience that greatly benefits students. For instance, innovative technology in schools is used in different methods of communications such as for presentation, for collaboration, and class interaction. This will motivate students to be productive, innovative, and ambitious; which are vital skills that students must acquire as they grow and enter the workplace. With the use of profound concepts and compelling techniques, she demonstrates how innovation will enhance the learning…
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