How Technology Has Revolutionized The Dimension Of Healthcare

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Technology and information technology has revolutionized the dimension in which we view the medical world. This is in view of medicines, equipment, personnel, etc. with very many changes happening, healthcare is susceptible to the change and the beneficiaries of healthcare, who are the individuals and the communities who receive healthcare administered in clinics, hospitals, aging services homes, hospices, hospitals and other organizations that are affected directly by healthcare like medical insurance and health services integrated with behavioral ailments institutions (Stefane 290). Currently, there are very many cases of negligence in situations whereby a healthcare facility wrongfully implants the wrong organ to a patient. Situations where there is improper prescription leading to deaths or other complications, yet still there are cases of misdiagnosis of diseases and what is worse still lack effective and affordable healthcare in terms of diagnosis and curative medicine. Technology has played a huge role in limiting these cases that have consequently saved human life. Technology has brought up a new dimension in healthcare which is the use of robotics in medical cure and check-up which brings the focus to the use of needle-free blood sugar testing.

Robots have been used to diagnose many diseases such as eye problems, cancer, and even brain tumors in patients at very early stages. Once detected at early stages the patient is a higher probability of recovery. The
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