How Technology Has Taken Over Our Brains By Controlling Us

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I live in a world where everywhere I turn I recognize people on their phones or other gadgets. As I start to think about it, I notice how technology has taken over our brains by controlling us. You may not own a phone, but you own a tablet/IPAD. You may not own a tablet/IPAD, but you own an IPOD. You may not own an IPOD, but you own a computer. If you own all of the above, you have consequently lost the battle. If you think about it, what do these all have in common? The Internet. The devices are only valuable if the Internet functions. Many people favor in saying that electronic devices are a negative influence, or that it has made us lazy. If you get rid of the Internet, it’s a whole new different story. The Internet is the key to…show more content…
The World Wide Web unexpectedly improved my scholastic education. Virtual classes have played an important role in my life. It has supported my accomplishment to learn faster. In high school, I did not have my art credit and I needed it to graduate. The art teacher in my school had left, so there was no art class. I started freaking out thinking there was no other option, but I was wrong. They told me I could take a class called web design, and the stress went away instantly. Virtual classes also upheld complete my drug & alcohol course and gave me the option to take psychology as an elective. For me, that was a joy, because I’ve always been interested in the way psychology operates, in every field. Since I knew I was going to take psychology in college, I was glad I had a preview of what to expect. I never knew how educating virtual classes could be, until now. The Internet has given me knowledge on other specific aspects. For example; medicine, recipes, and instructions on cars. In the past, when I was sick, my mom would take me to the doctors and they would make a list of what to take at home. The doctors weren’t always right; therefore, I began to search the Web. The medicines I analyzed were more suitable for my body. I bought the one’s I found online which healed me quicker than the recommended from the doctor. Nowadays, whenever I feel fuzzy or sick, I know exactly what to obtain thanks to the Internet. Whenever I was in the mood for
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