How Technology Has The Most Valuable Property

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Abstract - Considered as another subversive technology revolution in IT other than Internet of Things and cloud computing, Big Data has the most valuable property. Its value hides in the great storage that needs to be analyzed while cloud computing merely serves as a method or a step to save and store the messages. As rapidly increasing attention is drawn on in recent years, Big Data has wider and wider influences in many fields. With the explosive demands on Big Data analytics, Big Data broadened its definition from an IT term of extremely large data sets to a set of new technologies.
Index Terms – Introduction, Big Data, Three Vs,

I. Introduction

In 1999,Steve Bryson, David Kenwright, Michael Cox, David Ellsworth, Robert Haimes published Visually exploring gigabyte data sets in real time, which is the first CACM article that uses the term “Big Data” [1]. Big Data defines the data sets with gazillion information that cannot be crawled, managed, or processed by traditional tools in a certain amount of time. It also represents the techniques to extract valuable information quickly from various information of large-amount data. Some common technologies that are applicable to big data are massively parallel processor (MPP) database, data mining, distributed file system, distributed database, cloud computing, network, and extensible memory system.

I will represent Big Data through three parts: characteristics, applications, and challenges. Section II introduces the
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