How Technology Helps With The Sales Process And How It Can Develop A Trust Based Relationship Between Businesses Essay

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The purpose of this essay is to discuss how technology can assist with the sales process and how it can develop a trust based relationship between businesses.
Technology plays a very important role in the sales process, as new trends arise such as the use of mobile applications, social media, database management systems and cloud computing the ability to store information online and be able to access your data conveniently, everywhere and anywhere you go as long as you have an internet connection has become the new meta. The concept of selling has evolved into a many different activities comparatively to just a decade ago. “The successful professional salesperson of today and the future is likely a better listener than a talker” (Thomas N. Ingram, 2011). As mentioned by Thomas, a typical salesperson today are more focuses in developing long-term relationships with their customers rather than the historical methods such as the short term, heavy selling methodologies. Businesses have moved on, the world has accepted and adopted the new technology to help improve the sales process. Seller have become more aware of the customer needs and requirements and are finding new ways to help satisfy them. There are many selling approaches and are used for different types of selling situations. Each approach has their own distinctive way of persuading the buyer and can result in different levels of effectiveness. Using technology can have its benefits and also comes with a cost that can
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