How Technology Improves Academic Success in Students

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Education is a constantly changing aspect of every individual’s life, and it will never stop transforming. The format that a student learns has drastically changed over time, and continues to morph every year with new standards and new technology. The idea of utilizing technology in the classroom is a controversial one for many reasons. Some argue that it is too costly and ineffective to justify. While many people argue that the use of technology in the classroom is too expensive, offers an unneeded distraction, and is ineffective for the student, there are many positive factors that technology can have such as improving the lives of students with learning disabilities, all-access to educators, improving the damaged school system, and…show more content…
In schools today cellphones and sometimes computers are forbidden because of the simple fact that they offer a distraction from education. By allowing students to use technology for educational purposes in the classroom, there is the inevitable fact that internet-connecting devices will not always be used for purely educational means. Finally, those who oppose technology in the classroom argue that technology desensitizes students to the social benefits of a conventional school. Students who are not required to interact with each other have a much less chance of communicating, and therefore the students may not learn the social cues they need to thrive in the professional world. These arguments against technology in the classroom are important to consider before making a change such as implementing them in all classes and requiring students to become web based learners. However, there are many arguments for the use of technology in the classroom.
While some argue that there is an overall negative impression that technology will leave on education if implemented, there are many cases in which technology can not only improve the lives of children in school, but also allow an overall improvement in higher education and the student’s professional life. A significant argument for the use of technology in schools is that it enhances education for those with learning disabilities. According to the Port Lincoln Times
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