How Technology Improves Our Lives

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Over the decade technology has advanced significantly and the improvement of modern day creations had contributed to depolluting the world. With technology there 's no need to waste paper into printing out maps, modern day phones have GPS navigation, that allows us to get from one place to another with hardly any hassles. Also, these devices keep us connected to friends and family throughout the whole universe without having to waste any more trees that produce material for us to write on.Another aspect technology has improved over the decade is reducing pollution.Whereas modern day manufacturing invest into hydrogen-powered vehicles, to lessen the consumption of gasoline, and also improve the air quality that everyday people inhale.But most would disagree with these advantages and question our intellectual. Is technology improving our lives and our decreasing our lifespan? Some would say, we should lessen its use because it contributes to laziness, hurts our environment because of its heavy machine. It also consumes a lot of energy, and it shortens our lives. In other words, Technology is a fantastic utility that helps our societies with the improvement of the global economy, With regular curiosity people, would bring a lot of innovation and medical support to cure people disease and develop an efficient and productive procedure or human actions. Also, various implementations of technology impact many individual to increase the usage of technology. Due to, the problems
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