How Technology Is Affecting Students In The United States

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Technology is affecting students nationwide. Yes the gadgets are more advance than ever, where anyone can order a pizza from their smartphones or buy a pair of shoes online. In case of an emergency, the cellphones are reliable to call for help. Any fifth grade student can go their laptops and research mostly anything they want. Students are getting addicted to technology that is distracting them from using their cognitive development because they’re getting lazy, health issues, and lack of creativity. First, nowadays students are getting lazier than ever when an assignment is due. They wake up late and can do their research through the internet at any time. Before, students used to get up early in the morning and went straight to the library and research many books to fulfill their assignments. Especially if they have to do their essays, they end up cut and paste other essays online using in their laptops and computer and getting away with plagiarizing. When doing their essays, students have trouble in creating the reference page, where it gives information that they used for their essays, by hand because they rely too much on technology. Technology is also creates a lot health issues to students. Second, students are getting a lot of issues for their health. They spend…show more content…
They depending on the computers and software to do their work for them. For example, if they want to draw a person on their computers, the computers software for drawing does everything for them. Students can create different types of faces, bodies, legs, arms, shoulders, etc. Instead, students must use their brain and be creative. They can do this by using paper and pencil, and start drawing a person by being creative. Even when doing calculations, which mostly every gadget have it, many students don’t know how to use their multiplication times tables because they depend on technology and not using their creativity to solve math
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