How Technology Is Changing The Way How We Communicate

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The reading I will be analysing is The Humanisation of Media by Robert G Picard. Robert G Picard is a leading academic expert on media businesses and media policy. Robert is known for being the father of media economics studies. The issues he talking about overcoming the limits of mass communication. Another interesting issue he is talking about is the how technology of social media changes the way we communicate. The main purpose of the article talk about how technology is changing the way how we communicate. Another purpose he talks about is the future of communication of how we went from drawing on wall with stones to tying on our smartphones and computers. One of the major points of this reading was about social media how we are altering communication. Robert States the power and influence that social media has and how it can change our thinking for example Robert talks about how we use Google, Facebook and other social media platforms to determine how we use their services for various stuff . Privacy is another issues he addresses which our privacy terms are being breached and how surveillance is always spying on us for personal information he also talks about how privacy is being reduced around social media. Digital systems for social control and influence talks about how every major government conducts surveillance using the Internet and Social media,. Popularised communications would have to be most relatable topics to talk about in the readings due to talking
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