How Technology Is Impacting Globalization

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Globalization is the process by which people, businesses and countries become more connected and interdependent. With new technology it has become so much easier to access data, from anywhere in the world. The world has many problems that cannot be fixed without globalization and by moving towards one global culture. The world is moving towards one global culture because different cultures are adapting and sharing ideas of others that are gradually changing the way people in these cultures live. The world will benefit with globalization because it will increase the interaction and relationships between countries, and improve technology to create a stronger plan on how to protect the environment. Technology is impacting globalization. Transportation, cheap telephone service, email, computers and instant capital flows made the world more interdependent. Travel, communication, and interaction between countries has increased. This interaction between countries has moved the world towards one global culture because it will help with improving long-standing problems such as the environment. For example, climate change has threatened the well-being of citizens around the world. Food and water shortage are just a few examples. Moving towards one global society can help eliminate some of these problems by creating a stronger system of providing resources with food and water shortages to vulnerable countries. Technology can help detect natural disasters sooner to bring awareness to
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