How Technology Is The Future State Of Health Information Management

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Reflecting on Using Technology
I 've learned that as part of my job you need to utilize technology to your advantage, use it to improve work processes and become an expert so you can train others. Throughout my career, I have had opportunities to improve our work processes by diagnosing the current state of the health information management department and identifying problems that exist, assigning a level of importance to each one, and assessing the kinds of changes needed to solve the problems. As technology is molding the future state of health information management, the ideal situation is conveying technology is a positive change. It has been a satisfying experience for me to formulate a plan, allocate resources, and take charge of the change process. Additionally, it has been a welcomed challenge to generate enthusiasm for change by sharing my ideas and vision and acting as role model. Technology is the future and learning to adapt to changes and challenges in a field that is being shaped by technology is critical to stay relevant in my field.

I’ve learned many things through my work experience that will not only provide me with valuable, transferrable, résumé skills, but also skills such as character growth due to the challenges I’ve faced in my work positions. Through self-assessment and critical reflection, I can truly appreciate some of the undervalued tools I’ve acquired through my work experience. I’ve learned that character consists of…
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