How Technology Is What Propels Our Innovative Society Forward

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Moving with the Changes How did this paper fall into your hand? Speaking on a literal level, a lot of work happened for this paper to come into a material item that is now something anybody can read. First, an inventor thought up and created this paper. Which was then typed on a computer which itself went through years of development, blueprinting, designing, and many other complicated processes. After hours of revision this paper was printed on a printer that was also developed and designed to do its job efficiently. Things do not pop out of thin air, they take development which can sometimes involve a long, tedious process. Just like the development of this essay did not happen overnight nor come easy, technology does not either. Though chaotic, the development and progress of technology is what propels our innovative society forward. When new technology is first introduced an array of opinions from all perspectives come spewing out. Right now this is being experienced with the release of the new iPhone 7. Apple has been noted in the past for getting rid of specs to gadgets that aren’t necessary to make way for new and improved technology. Laptops have evolved on lacking the CD disk slot to make way for slimmer, less bulky laptops and more room for better technology inside the hardware. This time around, Apple is dropping the headphone jack in efforts to move towards a new, wireless era. As product of this, Apple has also created new, wireless Air Buds which are

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