How Technology and Social Media Has Changed Our Lives

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Technology has also changed the way we are and how we behave. But the most important is that the use of technology change the way we live now. The use of today's technology is taking advantage over peoples lives. The following ways have affected people by using technology: privacy information is never protected when using social media, government can track your computer if using it inappropriately, and internet will be smarter than any school teacher or college professor. The use of technology has taken advantage over peoples lives because anyone that visits your social media page can see your private information. Sometimes we think that is alright to post what we are doing during the day with an attachment of a picture. The reality is that we don't know who is watching our information and pictures besides family members and friends. For example, in the article of “Privacy grows thinner as technology takes over” by Lisa Krieger, she explains how a grand adult woman Alexandra was a victim of an image of her being nude and later was released on a porn website by her ex boyfriend. It all started when Alexandra broke up with her ex boyfriend and two years later her ex boyfriend wanted revenge and decides to post a picture of here on a porn website. In this case,…

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