How Technology has Changed Our Lives

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Today there are kids getting cell phones, laptops, iPads, etc… that thirty years ago it was new technology and that it was for business use. In the last ten or so years cell phones have become very popular and a norm. Cell phones have made it easier for people to be and stay in contact with each other rather than have a land line phone. With cell phones becoming more and more popular, there will be issues that will have to be fixed or solutions to help prevent anything bad to happen. One issue that is a real problem right now with cell phones is sexting. Sexting started in 2005 and now has become the most popular thing for teens and young adults to do (The Evolution of Cell Phone Design Between 1983-2009). Sexting is when someone sends, receives, or forwards pictures of nudity and sexual messages through texting (“Sexting”). Most of the sexting is among minors which is illegal and they can be punished for it. Unfortunately it has been going out of control, more and more teens are doing it. So parents need to understand why sexting is not good and look at how they can prevent it from getting worse. Parents need to help these teens and young adults to understand that sexting is bad. It can also hurt them in the future, so some solutions that can help with this are, parents talking to schools about sexting, informing their teens on what sexting is, and the best solution out of these three is parents need to get the word out…
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