How Technology has Influenced My Life

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Topic: Technology has a significant impact on our lives, from how we communicate to how we view news and entertainment programming. Write an essay about how you use technology, how it influences your life, how you think new technology will influence the media industry in the next five years and what should be done to insure we don’t have a digital divide in the years to come.

Technology is a, evolving industry that helps Americans get through their daily activities. It helps me on my homework, academics and commuting to school and also memorizing most of my academic work. With the help of my phone, I am know more reluctant to put information such as passwords and address in my phone. Without technology life wouldn’t be nonexistent but it would be much difficult. I would have to go out and buy a sports magazine, just to see who won a sports game. Rather, then buying a magazine, it would be much quicker to just open my computer and type up the sports team that won. The cost would be close to none, then to actually go to a store for a news paper. Technology has also enhanced my brain positively and negatively also. Whenever I get stuck with a math problem on my home work, I can just Google or type in my problem and it would show me how to figure it out. It has affected me in a negative way by me not using my brain to figure out the problem.
I believe that the biggest impact that technology can have on a field is the media, the media is displayed a few different ways. We

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