How Technology is Changing Today's School System

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Introduction It is a well-known fact that today, technology has had a significant impact on the way individuals work, play, learn and even communicate. Some of the technological advances being used widely in the modern day include but are not in any way limited to personal digital assistants, the world wide net, cell phones, digital cameras as well as computers. With that in mind, education is being seen as one of the areas that stand to benefit greatly from the use of technology. In this text, I review current research regarding the use of technology in today's school system. Further, in addition to highlighting the various ways in which emerging technology can be utilized, I also address the challenges which may be occasioned by the integration of technology into the education system. The Use of Technology in Today's School System: A Review of Literature According to Mosenson and Johnson, "access to technology has been one of the highest priorities in public schools" (17). The authors note that in recent times, the percentage of schools having access to the internet has increased significantly given that virtually every school now has access to the internet. This is in comparison to the early 90s where only 35% of schools had internet connection (Mosenson and Johnson, 17). With more and more people using technology today, the possibilities for its application in the education setting seem limitless. Indeed, Mosenson and Johnson categorically state that as of 2003,
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