How Telecommunication from Start to Finish Has Changed Business

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How Telecommunication From Start To Finish
Has Changed Business

This paper explores how telecommunications started in the 1800’s and how we have developed this technology in the United State and other countries around the world. It will explain the development of the telephone, cable television, and the internet. There will be a brief history behind each technology and how they all tie into each other now. It will also explain how telecommunication has changed business forever, and will continue to change at an exponential rate. The telecommunication industry has many new jobs that will be explained in this paper. Telecommunications includes voice, video, and Internet communications services. The telecommunications industry
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In the 1940s and 1950s cable television had very poor reception until “community antennas” were built on mountain tops or high points. In the late 1950s “distant signals” began to change the focus of cable’s role from one of transmitting local broadcast signals to one of providing new programming choices. By 1962 there were around 850,000 subscribers and well known corporate names began investing in the business (NCTA, 2010). In the 70s the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) started to enact regulations that limited the cable operators programming. This is the time that the business aspect of cable television became a part of American history. When the cable companies can regulate what people are able to get for free or at a lower rate, they can charge more for other syndicated programming. From 1984 to 1992 the cable industry forked over more than 15 billion dollars on the wiring of America. This was the largest private construction project since World War II. In 2001 there were more than twenty two million cable customers in the United States and now there are over 100 million cable subscribers in the US (NCTA, 2010). From the first broadcast that Hoover made to having 8 million television sets in America it only took about 25 years. Now only 50 to 60 years later there TV’s in cars, their light weight and flat, some are hand held and some up to 77” in size. The one in Dallas Stadium is the largest TV in the world it is

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