How Television Can Aid Children in Learning Essay

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With 99% of American homes having at least one television and 56% of American homes paying for cable, the viewing options can seem endless. (Statistic Brain, webpage, par 2-3). Children are watching more television today than ever before; however, it does not have to be a negative thing. Shows such as “Sesame Street”, “Sid the Science Kid”, and “MythBusters” can help children get excited about learning. These shows engage children with puppets, songs, and science experiments you can do at home. “Sesame Street”, for over forty years, has been on television getting young children excited about learning. With characters like “Big Bird”, “Count Von Count”, “Cookie Monster”, and “Oscar the Grouch”, they help children learn their colors,…show more content…
By showing these types of experiments on television children can get excited about trying them at home with their parent’s help. Websites like “Discovery Kids” and “Discovery Education” offer a variety of activities for parents and teachers to continue teaching what the children see on television. On the “Discovery Kids” website, you can learn how to make rock candy, grow a fungi garden, or make milk into rubber (Discovery Kids, webpage, Activities Link). The “Discovery Education” website offers free lesson plans to teachers or parents for all subjects. Lesson plans vary from learning how tunnels are built to mathematical probability. For students on this website they offer homework help, step by step instructions on math problems, and virtual labs for science. Shows like “Dora the Explorer”, “Bob the Builder”, and “Sesame Street” show children cultures and help teach morals. In “Bob the Builder” they teach children positive thinking, how to solve a problem, and how to work as a team (Bob the Builder, webpage, About Bob). The main character on “Dora the Explorer” is a seven year old Latina girl takes preschool children on adventures. With the use of a map, Dora solves problems and over comes obstacles along her journey (Dora the Explorer, webpage, About Dora). Preschoolers watching this show are introduced to Spanish words, are encouraged to get up and move, and how team work helps solve
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