How Temperature Affects The Rate Of Reaction Lab Report

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Analysis: 1. Describe what the results were (2 marks) After investigating the effect of temperature on the reaction rate, it is evident that the higher the temperature, the faster the reaction occurs. The beaker with the hot water dissolved the chalk much faster than the water with room temperature, and considerably faster than the beaker with ice cold water. As shown in the table above, all 3 experiments conducted resulted in emitting carbon dioxide, however the beaker with the highest temperature produced the molecules more rapidly. 2. Explain why the results were the way they were (2 marks) Once the experiment has been completed, the results were formulated and analysed. When viewing the data collected, it was evident that the higher the…show more content…
We conducted this experiment 3 times to gain maximum accuracy. However, there were a number of factors such as the amount of acid used, if 100 percent of the chalk was emptied into the beaker and the reaction time needed to press the stop watch could have potentially hindered the accuracy of the data collected. To conduct an accurate experiment, everything needs to be done perfectly without any faults. When operating the experiment, the amount of acid could have slightly varied, one beaker could have a few drops more than the other which the human eye cannot detect. Another more subtle factor was if 100 percent of the chalk was emptied into the beaker. If a large quantity of the chalk was disposed of, the small amount also affects the experiment as the substance was not experimented with full. The final factor was the time it took to press the stop watch to start and to finish, this can be considered inaccurate as each person has different reaction times, and the signals to the brain may differ. 5. Were there any problems or difficulties encountered in the experiment? Explain how they might have affected your results (4 marks) Whilst completing the experiment we found that before we started, the method was confusing, which made it a lot harder to concentrate and follow the correct instructions. However, once this problem was encountered, we seek help from Miss Ackerly and she clarified
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