How Terrorism End By Audrey Cronin Summary

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The book “How Terrorism End; Understanding the Decline and Demise of Terrorist Campaigns”, written in 2011 at the height of Al-Qaeda, the most well-known international terrorist group of our time. The author of this work, Audrey Cronin, at the time of print, served as a professor of strategy at the United States National War College in Washington D.C., and a senior associate at Oxford University’s Changing Character of War Program. Both positions allowed her to impact strategic policy making in the execution of the Global War on Terror by allowing her access to senior military and civilian policymakers. Her previous area of her prior work has been mainly focused on international terrorism with an emphasis on al-Qaeda. She has authored…show more content…
By analyzing the relationship of these three groups, she argues that the endings of a terrorist campaign can be examined (Cronin, p.7-8). Cronin’s work is laid out as comparative case study analyzing multiple terrorist organization in their final months of existence. Her research has identified six possible pathways that a terrorist campaign will end. In the first six chapters of the book, she examines these six pathways. In the final chapter, she attempts to figure out which lessons from the ending of previous terrorist campaigns can apply to a possible ending for the al-Qaeda terrorist campaign. Most of the book outlines specific case studies of terrorist groups from around the world. Each case study directly supports one of her six pathways for the end of a terrorist campaign. These case studies provide an overview of the demise of multiple terrorist organization and provide what she believes is a consistent interlocking pattern that can be utilized in dealing with current and future terrorist group threats and how they can be directed to an end. The six pathways or patterns that Cronin has identified are decapitation, negotiation, success, failure, repression, and reorientation (Cronin, p.8). Starting with chapter 1 the pathway of “decapitate”, covers two possible solutions. First one is to capture and arrest and second is to kill the leader of the terrorist

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