How Testing Is Used For Object Oriented Environment

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Executive Summary The motivation behind this report is to examine about how testing is done in object oriented environment. Object oriented programs have an alternate behavior and structure when contrasted with programs created utilizing technical language. It takes after an information driven methodology and it is depends on ladder of objects and classes. Classes are only a gathering of objects that inform properties and connections and objects are elements that stores information send and get messages. Re-usability can be picked up in object oriented programming by making utilization of features which is polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation and abstraction. Issues like maintenance and reuse are explained utilizing OO approach. Although the development is done by people, testing needs to be carried out to uncover mistakes. As classes team up with one another, OO framework needs to be tested at various levels. Testing starts by investigating the OOA and OOD models. The correctness and consistency of the models are analyzed utilizing formal technical reviews and they are examined in this report. Different types of diagrams, for example, control flow graph, state transition diagram and class diagram are utilized by the test models. Different testing techniques, for example, fault based testing, scenario based testing and state based testing strategies are explained in detail. Testing techniques, for example, class test which is performed once the code is composed,
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