How Texting Is Causing A Deterioration Of Proper English Grammar?

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There’s a lot of conflict in society about whether texting mutilates the English language, student’s formal writing, or if it is just another way of writing. Abbreviations are often are being used instead of spelling the word out. Texting is a like a second language to teenagers and some adults. It is used to communicate with each other’s it is quick and easy. Texting is causing a deterioration of proper English grammar because of its use of abbreviations, incorrect punctuation, and capital letters.
Most convincingly, text style has changed over the years, and it is changing even more. People texts using abbreviations for words instead of spelling the words out. John Humphrys, the author of “I H8 TXT MSGS: How Texting Is Wrecking Our Langauge, believes texting is destroying our punctuation, savaging our sentences and raping our vocabulary. The grotesque abbreviation is even worse, but it is interesting in a masochistic sort of a way (Humphrys 176). The way our written language is may end up as being ridiculous emoticons and ever-changing abbreviations. Humphrys explains how he is finding himself slipping into sloppy habits, like using rows of dots and abandoning capital letters (Humphrys 177).
Furthermore, when it comes to writing a formal papers teenagers are using abbreviations. Instead of spelling out clearly what they mean According to the National Center for Education Statistics, of high school seniors only 25% may be “proficient” writers. Jacquie Ream, a former

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